Secretary of Xishan District Committee of Wuxi City visited Jiajian.
The 76th CMFF Autumn Fair



Jiajian Organized Beijing Travel for staff with 5 Working Years


From September,15th to 18th, Jiajian organized 4 days of Beijing travel for 2nd batch of staff with 5 working years. As the hard core, those staff play a critical part in guiding new employees.

Jiajian wants to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to them for their efforts.The activity relaxes them, promotes the communication and strengthens the bond between Jiajian and staff, displays Jiajian's prosperity and enables them to share the fruits and joys of Jiajian's development.

When they came back from the travel, they showed us the photoes of great scenery and told us wonderful places they have been.They visited splendid ancient imperial gardens and the Great Wall. They also visited landmark builidings like Nest, experiencing prosperity and beauty of metropolis.

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