Jiajian Organized Beijing Travel for staff with 5 Working Years
The 80th China International Medical Equipment Fair ( CMEF AUTUMN 2018 )



Jiajian Organized Thailand Travel for staff with 10 Working Years


From Oct.28th to Nov.1st, 2017, Jiajian organized Thailand travel for 2nd batch of staff with 10 working years. Those staff has gone through hard time with Jiajian, contributing to its development, which makes them indispensable asset.

Thailand is famous for its varied landscape, rich culture and unique delicacy. Therefore, it becomes the top priority for many travelers. Jiajian wants to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to them for their efforts. The activity relaxes them, promotes the communication and strengthens the bond between Jiajian and staff.

They have appreciated the charm of Thailand as the Land of Buddhism

The Land of Elephant and the Land of Smile