Jia jian medical attended the 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair
Jiajian Medical Semi-annual Meeting in 2019 was successfully held



2019 "Jiajian Cup" basketball and badminton competition


At 9:45 am on May 25, 2019, the "jiajian cup" basketball and badminton competitions kicked off.

The Games set up two events, basketball and badminton, and each contestant launched a fierce contest on the field.

Basketball, a contest between teams! The athletes are full of brilliant and gorgeous. In the competition field, the production logistics team and the sales department team display all their skills and have their own merits. Steals, Sliding,Sideways, fade-away shotthree point shot ! And they did it from the begining to the end! The game was anxious, the applause and shouting of the field, pushing the score into the saw. In the end, the production logistics team won by 12 points.

Badminton, a contest between speed and strength. The volley leaps, the racquet swayes with sweat, the powerful high-altitude serve, and the flexible backhand catches the ball. How wonderful when back and forth! At the end of the competition, Chen Chaojian and Dai Jie won the men's badminton and women's badminton competition respectively.

The "Jiajian Cup" basketball and badminton competitions fully demonstrated the spirit of the employees and demonstrated the spirit of unity, cooperation, positive and tenacious struggle. Although the event has come to an end, the spirit embodied in the competition is more valuable. This event will become a new starting point. We must integrate this spirit into our future work, do our due diligence, tap our potential, provide a strong guarantee for the further development of the company.