2019 "Jiajian Cup" basketball and badminton competition
Jiajia Medical attended the 82nd China International Medical Instrument Expo (Autumn)



Jiajian Medical Semi-annual Meeting in 2019 was successfully held


On July 5, 2019, the company's 2019 semi-annual meeting was held in changshu. The meeting summarized the work of the first half of the year and deployed the key work of the second half of the year.Mr. Wang wenqing, chairman of the board and general manager of the company attended the meeting and made a speech.

At the meeting, the heads of all departments of the company made a summary exchange, and the senior management made speeches respectively.

The meeting pointed out that the second half of 2019 is the beginning of pioneering and enterprising, and we should always maintain the pioneering and innovative, indomitable attitude of struggle and the spirit of forging ahead and never slackening.To strengthen responsibility, according to the requirements of the company, do a good job planning, come up with specific implementation plan, orderly work.

Meeting request: Second half of the year to earnestly grasp the implementation of the work, do four "all out".One to increase sales efforts;Second, we should do our best to improve management efficiency and executive ability.Third, speed up the company's product research and development and technological innovation work.Fourth, we must do our best to do a good job in corporate culture

The meeting emphasized that all employees of the company should take the corporate culture as the guidance, do solid work, implement the work arrangement in the second half of the year, have the courage to overcome difficulties, and work together for the successful completion of all tasks and objectives in 2019!