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2020 Annual Meeting of Wuxi Jiajian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd


From January 2 to January 5, 2020, Wuxi Jiajian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd held its annual work conference in Suzhou. More than 20 people including general manager ,vice manager, all middle level managers and other employee representatives attended the meeting.

At the conference, the company’s chairman and general manager Wang Wenqing gave an important speech on "Company Guidance and Goals and Main Tasks for 2021". Comprehensively summarized the company's development in 2020, and made detailed arrangements and deployments for the realization of the 2021 goals and tasks.

The meeting pointed out that in the next five years, we must maintain the core competitiveness of acupuncture needles and achieve steady sales growth; accelerate the formation of new growth points for rehabilitation products; strive to form new growth poles for online sales, and strive to achieve the initial achievement of the company’s 20th anniversary. Requirements for listing on the Innovation Board or SME Board.

The meeting emphasized that the focus of work in 2021 should focus on “stabilizing acupuncture , promoting rehabilitation, and breaking through 100 million yuan in sales; building Rongjian, online sales, and forming new growth poles; good operation and management , improvement of company efficiency; emphasis on technology, quality, and improvement competitiveness; Prosperity of culture, implementation of systems, and comprehensive cohesion." these six aspects. It is necessary to adhere to and thoroughly implement the company’s policies and objectives, constantly self-improve, self-innovate, and self-improve capabilities, and coordinate the company’s internal governance and external market expansion. It is necessary to focus on the long-term and grasp the general trend, and strive to improve its own competitiveness and enhance risk prevention and control capabilities. At the same time, steadily and orderly expand the territory!

Through struggle, we have surpassed all obstacles, and have gone through thousands of rivers and mountains." The year of 2021 is the beginning of the new five years after the fifteenth anniversary of the company. We will continue to work hard and forge ahead to make a good start for the new five years.We will continue to strive for the future, and we will continue to strive forward to create even more brilliant glory.