TENStem eco

Product Overview

The optimal therapy program can be selected from 12 programs for TENS. The new programs for Han stimulation and dynamic stimulation broaden the scope of therapeutic possibilities.


The TENStem eco has the following extra geatures

Editing mode with 3 client defined programs.

Locking of the programs enables the therapist to fix the best-suited therapy program for the patient.

Retrievable operating parameters so that therapist can see if the patient has done the treatment with information regarding operating time, switched on/off cycles ad average intensity.

Integrated AKS(output short circuit control element)After each pulse the device is switched off internally and thus the potential stored in the skin goes directly into the device. In the way no ion trasport can take palce and longer therapy treatment without skin irritations is possible.This application is suitable particularly for chronic illnesses, since the stimulation can be accomplished here as required,without skin irritations with stimulation.


Technical Parameters

Output Current: 70mA

Frequency: 0.5~120Hz

Pulse Width: 60~300μs

Power Supply: 9V

Dimensions: 114mm×59mm×27mm

Weight: approx.170g



Self-adhesive Electrodes: 4 pcs

Output Cable: 2 pcs

9V battery: 1 pc

Operating Manual: 1 pc