Stim 2 fit

Product Overview

This device has been specially developed for consumer market with a descriptive brochure showing the electrode placement and a clear explanation of the 16 programs. The device is placed in an attractive box designed to appeal to sports, wellness, medical shops and shopping clientele.


The Stim 2 fit has 16 programs divided in 4 program groups


Wellness-regeneration massage

Muscle training

Nerve and muscle release


Technical Parameters

Output Current Max: 100MA(with 1000Ω real)

Frequency: 1~120Hz

Pulse Width: 150~400μs

Power Supply: 9V compound battery

Dimensions: 114mm×59mm×27mm

Weight: approx. 170g



Self-adhesive Electrode: 4 pcs50mm×50mm

Self-adhesive Electrode: 4 pcs50mm×90mm

Cable: 2 pcs

9V battery: 1 pc

Operating Manual: 1 pc







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