Medico Back

Product Overview

The Medico Back is a back support bandage which stabilizes the whole area of lumbar vertebrae.

Medico Back has a pain-relieving effect and can be used thanks to the integrated electrodes with one of the electrical nerve and muscle stimulators from Tenstem eco or Stim 2 fit.

Medico back can be used in all stage of lumbar pain.


Advantages of Medico Back
The use of the back support bandage is free of drugs
The use is pain-relieving and very comfortable
Quick and easy handling
Medico Back can be worn is the rest position and in movement
Integrated electrodes for 2 channel electrical nerve and muscle stimulators



Spondylarthrosis of the lumbar vertebrae

Degenerative with muscular insufficiency

Lumbago with nerve root syndrome

Slipped disc

All stage of lumbar pain


HMMB-1 with 2 integrated electrodes

HMMB-2 with 4 integrated electrodes

HMMB-3 with triangle rubber mat and 2 integrated electrodes