Hot Compress Health Belt

Product Overview

Jiajian Hot Compress Health Belt is new generation health-care product of hot compress in our company. It has 7 Level temperature settings and 7 level time settings for selecting. The temperature is very soft and the operations is very easy. It can be used for many parts of the body according to different needs. You can bind it on knee, thigh, arm, hip, shoulder etc. Through hot compress to achieve warming muscle by dispelling cold, expelling wind to relieve exterior disorder; warming and activating meridian, invigorating blood circulation to get rid of fatigue; warming the middle warmer to dispel internal cold, toughening up entrails; tonifying yang to reinforce provision, reviving yang to solidify collapse; promoting gas to activate blood, dispelling fire of moxibustion to remove blood stasis; balancing yin and yang,and healthy caring to prevent illness.


Technical Parameters

Working Voltage and Load Power: AC190V~250V/MAX150W

Temperature Setting: About 40~70 (±5)

Timing Function: {20,30,40,50,60,70,80}

7 level settings. The output will be cut down at the end of timing.

Belt Dimension: 1200×240mm